Jonathan Williamson

“Walking by the Word” is a comprehensive platform dedicated to spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible. Its host, Jonathan Williamson, provides in each episode his interpretation and understanding of the Word of God, stimulating the audience to reflect on their own faith and relationship with God. In addition to “Walking by the Word”, the platform includes “Time to Talk” and “Time to Talk Podcast”. In “Time to Talk”, Williamson holds conversations with various guests about multiple topics related to Jesus, the Bible, and faith, with the aim of providing a renewed and enriching perspective on Christianity and inspiring the audience to deepen their understanding of Christ’s teachings. As “Walking by the Word” plans its expansion to include more programs and presenters, Jonathan Williamson continues his commitment to enlightening audiences of all ages and backgrounds with the light and truth of Jesus Christ, using all available digital means.

"Walking together in the light of the Word."


At “Walking by the Word”, our mission is to bring the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible to people of all ages and backgrounds, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey. We strive to provide an enriching and accessible platform that allows individuals to explore, reflect, and deepen their relationship with God. Led by the passionate presentation of Jonathan Williamson, we aim to present the Word of God in a way that is understandable and relevant to everyday life. We want to inspire viewers to reflect on their faith and to make the Word of God an integral part of their daily lives. Additionally, through our additional programs, “Time to Talk” and “Time to Talk Podcast”, we seek to expand discussions around faith, the Bible, and Jesus, inviting diverse voices to share their experiences and perspectives. We look forward to the future with the hope of expanding our programming and presenters to continue offering a variety of content that brings light and truth to the lives of our viewers. We are committed to being a beacon of spiritual guidance, accompanying you as you walk along the path of the Word.

Our Programs


Our productions are carried out in our virtual studio located in San José, Costa Rica. We use the technology of Unreal Engine, an advanced real-time creation platform, to generate high-quality visual content. This technology allows us to present the teachings of the Bible in an attractive and accessible manner. Our dedicated team, led by presenter Jonathan Williamson, is the heart of our productions. Each member contributes their talent and dedication to bring the teachings of Jesus Christ to audiences of all backgrounds and ages. With the combination of cutting-edge technology and the passion of our team, we seek to continue enlightening and guiding on the path of faith.