What is "Walking by the Word"?

“Walking by the Word” is a comprehensive platform dedicated to spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible. In each episode, its host, Jonathan Williamson, provides his interpretation and understanding of the Word of God.

What other programs are offered on the "Walking by the Word" platform?

In addition to “Walking by the Word”, the platform includes “Time to Talk” and “Time to Talk Podcast”. In “Time to Talk”, Williamson conducts conversations with various guests about multiple topics related to Jesus, the Bible, and faith.

What is the purpose of these programs?

The purpose of these programs is to provide a renewed and enriching perspective on Christianity and inspire the audience to deepen their understanding of Christ’s teachings.

Are there plans for expansion for "Walking by the Word"?

Yes, “Walking by the Word” plans its expansion to include more programs and presenters in the future.

How does Jonathan Williamson engage with the audience of "Walking by the Word"?

Jonathan Williamson continues his commitment to enlighten audiences of all ages and backgrounds with the light and truth of Jesus Christ, using all available digital means.

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